sur:face completes the Fordbrother's Pixel Trilogy. We'll keep you posted regarding the premiere status...

Everything's Gone Green

Video clip for New Order


produced by Michael Shamberg


Diagonale 08
VIS 08


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Keynote is a video on the cult of the digital, promises of salvation through technology and mass manipulation.


6th Independent Film Show Naples 2006
Diagonale Graz 2007
Impakt Utrecht 2007
EMAF 2007
Crossing Europe 2007
Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2009


video clip for Losoul
4 min

Bloodsample was nominated for the German MuVi-Award at the Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen 2005.


Dissolvenze Film Festival Gradisca
Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios de Santiago 2005
Diagonale 2005
Crossing Europe 2005
Vila do Conde, Portugal 2005
Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2005
EMAF European Media Arts Festival Osnabrück 2005
Frankfurter Filmschau 2005

Preserving Cultural Traditions in a Period of Instability

3 min
DV / 35mm

Released in spring 2004 as the Fordbrothers' first collaboration.

In a voiceover Stan Brakhage articulates his resentments about the use of computers for art production and in general. He looks at this faclity as something that causes insecurity as well as the possible threat of total data loss. He also states that in his eyes contemporary art has become decorative or a dada joke without any meaning. This comment is contrasted by video imagery turning more and more abstract until it turns into a sea of square pixels. The image is on one hand an illustration of stan brakhages statements and at the same time these "defunkt" images reveal a kind of beauty of their own.


NoBudget-Award Int. Shortfilm Festival Hamburg 2005
Honorable Mention Media City 11, February 2005
Impakt Utrecht-Highlights Tour 2005
London Filmfestival VideoVisionsTour 2005
43rd Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour 2005
Best-Of Media Art Friesland 2005


Europ. Kurzfilmbiennale Ludwigsburg 05
25fps Zagreb 05
Viper Basel 05
EMAF European Media Arts Festival Osnabrück 05
Int. Shortfilm Festival Hamburg 05
Skif-9 Festival 05, St. Petersburg
Videology Festival 05, Voldograd
BO2 Festival 05, Toulouse
Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 05
New York Underground Filmfest 05
17th Onion City Experimental Film and Video Film Festival, Chicago 05
Diagonale Graz 2005
Crossing Europe Linz 2005
Vila do Conde FF 05, Portugal
29. Open Air FF Weiterstadt 05
Ann Arbor Filmfestival 05
San Francisco Independent Film Festival 05
Nashville Film Festival 05
Hong Kong International Film Festival 05
Max Ophüls Film Festival Saarbrücken 05
Impakt Highlights Tour 04
Impakt Utrecht 04
Media Art Festival Friesland 04
Viennale 04
London Film Festival 04
Cine y Casi Cine Madrid 04
Split Film Festival 04
Independent Film Festival Barcelona 04
Kunstfilmbiennale Köln 04
Vila do Conde FF 04, Portugal